I proudly announce that my blog is partnering up with JS Poland 2017!

JS Poland is a promising conference where you will learn about the current state of ES6, Angular, React, Redux, TypeScript and many more.

The conference features 15 great speakers such as Luca Mezzalira (Google Developer Expert, running the London JavaScript Community), Nir Kaufman (whose talk at NgPoland got me into Redux) and Gil Fink (a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).

There will also be 3 days of workshops. JS Poland will take place June 19 in Warsaw. If you aren’t from Poland, it’s an exciting opportunity to visit my beautiful country! The conference is planned to host 800 guests from all over the world!

As part of my partnership with JS Poland, I’m delighted to offer you discount codes and one free ticket. To get the 10% discount, register here and use the following code: codewithstyle_._ The code is valid until 2017-04-15 23:59.

Want to get the free ticket worth over 100 EUR? Share this post on Twitter and Facebook. The person with the highest count of likes under their share by the end of May will get a free ticket!

JS Poland is organized by my friend, Dariusz Kalbarczyk, who has already successfully organized NgPoland 2016 conference which gathered more than 700 hundreds developers from all over the world. See you at JS Poland!