Why learn Functional Programming in JavaScript?

Everyone’s talking about Functional Programming in JavaScript but it soundsscary to you? Are you overwhelmed by all the new concepts which seem to be so complicated? Are you afraid that you won’t keep up with modern JavaScript trends? Fear no more! My free course is here to help you! I explain functional programming concepts in JavaScript based on real-world examples, in simple words.

How can I benefit from this?

Functional JavaScript Recently, we have observed a massive trend of embracing Functional Programming. Many object oriented languages started to incorporate functional programming features. In the front-end world there is an abundance of examples of how Functional Programming concepts made its way into popular frameworks. Learning Functional Programming in JavaScript will give you a head-start when learning new frameworks and libraries. What’s more, you will have a much better chance succeeding in a JavaScript interview.

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I have prepared a FREE e-book which contains all of the episodes of the Functional Programming course published on this blog. Additionally, it contains an extra chapter: Advanced functional concepts. The course will guide you through the most important topics related to Functional Programming in JavaScript. You will learn about what makes JavaScript a great language for Functional Programming, how to work with arrays in functional way, what is immutability and how to take advantage of it and most importantly how functional concepts are used in modern JavaScript frameworks. All I ask of you in return is to subscribe to the blog’s newsletter using the below form. You will receive monthly emails with summary of my blogging and public speaking activities. I will never sell your email address to any third party (read more in the Privacy Policy).

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