How I built a PWA with Angular and Firebase Part 3: Push Notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging

This post is the last post of the series in which I will describe how I built my first PWA, Friendtainer. It will touch on many topics such as Angular 2, Ionic 2, Firebase, service workers, push notifications, serverless architectures. I hope you will find it useful when building your own PWAs.

In the previous post I described how to ensure the native-like experience and look-and-feel of the app using the Ionic framework and the manifest file.

In this part of the series, we’ll look at the most interesting part of the app – push notifications and Firebase Cloud Messaging.

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My talk at Code Europe 2017: afterthoughts and the Q&A session

Two days ago I delivered my first conference tech talk at Code Europe. It’s a major programming conference taking place in three different cities in Poland (I presented in Warsaw). My talk was based on one of the posts I wrote for this blog: Building serverless web application with Angular 2, Webtask and Firebase.

It was a great experience. I’ve spend a lot of time practicing, trying to implement all the knowledge I’ve learned from various blog posts about public speaking and tech talks (I really recommend this and this). I had a lot of support from my contracting agency for which I’m very grateful. It was a lot of hard work but it’s totally worth it. The way you feel after the presentation when people come over to thank you for a great talk is the best reward you can get. Besides, I feel like the whole process made me more confident and a better communicator in general.

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